Mentoring with Steve is a Transformational Experience

Elevate your speaking impact to the world-class level!

While Steve is an exceptional speaker, his true gift is turning others into exceptional speakers. Through his mentorship, over 40 of his clients have become award-winning professional speakers.

Steve has a gift that allows him to identify greatness in others and to pull magic out of them they never knew existed. And he can do it right there, on the stage right in front of a live audience and usually within two minutes.


Steve's mentorship program is very heavily front loaded.  That means that you spend the first month or three exploring your content at the forensic level to find your "expert insights". 
"Expert Insights" refers to the unique wisdom only you possess derived from your experience and expertise. 
Your expert insights are the key to getting people excited and wanting more.
Part of Steve's gift is helping you find that package of unique content...your own "Expert Insights", and then helping you deliver them in a way that reaches beyond your audience's intellect, into their imagination and triggers their excitement and need for what you have to offer.  
Steve's mentorship program is not a pay-as-you-go program because 90% of the value is delivered up front.  Nor it is based on time or number of calls.  His program is "value-based", which means that after you're done, you have an asset (your Expert Insights) that you can monetize for as long as you keep it relevant. 
That means you can recoup your investment in Steve's program 5 and 10 fold very quickly...sometimes in your first presentation.
Here are just a few who saw massive results in their first presentation:

Hire Steve as a Personal Mentor

Who is it for?

Thought leaders who have a vision or expertise to share with the world

Successful Entrepreneurs who are getting international attention and who need to show up on the live stage as big as they show up in the media

Executives who need to command the respect and attention of stakeholders or inspire the world with vision and story

Professional Speakers who want more and higher-paying speaking gigs

Business Owners who need to promote their business, share the vision and motivate the team

Coaches, Trainers and Educators who need to bring their expertise and experience to the professional speaking stage

Steve’s personalized, one-on-one VIP Executive Mentorship program is the best way to craft your signature message for maximum influence and impact.

Working with Steve you will explore your content at the forensic level, select the most important and powerful parts of your message and craft a signature address that will influence, inspire and motivate your audiences.

Then come the platform skills! Steve will stretch you in ways you can't even imagine to bring the rock-star out from within.  You'll learn how to become the world-class speaker you need to be to support your image, reputation and message.

During this program, Steve acts as a trusted advisor and coach.  Steve guides you with support, ideas and  suggestions.  At the end of the day, the message is yours and it has to reflect your personality, passion and ideas.

All enquiries go directly to Steve's wife Jayne Lowell at +1 (514) 953-6317 or [email protected]

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