Recent Events

Here are just a few of Steve's most recent events around the world

Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, Cape Town

Jayne and I both were privileged to speak at the PSASA convention. This was Jayne's first time speaking there, it was my second.  We love it there!

High-Impact Speaking Showcase, Ottawa, Canada

This is our own annual event and we look forward to it all year long.  We bring in eight of our speaker clients from around the world, put them on a stage in front of 150 people and we turn them into award-winning speakers.  It's our favourite event of the year.

National Speakers Association, New Orleans

I have spoken at this chapter of NSA twice.  This last time Jayne was able to join me.  The hospitality of this chapter is just incredible.  They make us feel like we're family.

Professional Speakers Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Glasgow

After speaking in Glasgow for the PSAUKI I was honoured to have been awarded "Speaker of the Year".  I had no idea it was coming until we were at the annual convention and they called my name from the main stage for the award.  I looked around the room to see who the other Steve Lowell was!  Turns out, it was really me.  I am so grateful!

Professional Speakers Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Nottingham

This was a breakout session I was doing at the annual convention of the PSAUKI.  Right after this breakout I found out about the "Speaker of the Year" award that I mentioned above.

Global Speakers Summit, Auckland

Speaking at the Global Speakers Summit is an honour to which so many professional speakers aspire.  I was thrilled to be selected for this.  I did two sessions there.  In this session I was bringing volunteers onto the stage and providing real time laser coaching; one of my favourite things to do.

"Category of One" Live Event, Tauranga, New Zealand

When we spoke at the Global Speakers Summit (above) we took the opportunity to present a private workshop for a group of high-value clients in Tauranga, NZ.  This one-day workshop turned into a 12-month training program for 10 of the 18 participants.  It was a great session!

National Speakers Association, Virginia

Jayne and I both love speaking at the various chapters of the National Speakers Association in the US.  We spoke at the Virginia chapter and made some amazing friends along the way.  Now we speak at the NSA chapters across the country whenever we get the chance.

Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Annual Convention, Vancouver

This was my final day as National President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).  

The main stage at the CAPS convention is such an exciting platform! The CAPS Convention is known within the global speaking world as one the the most welcoming and value-packed speaker conventions in the world.

Oh...and by the way...Jayne was one of the co-chairs who organized this convention and it was simply outstanding!

"High-Impact Speaking" Private Training Event, Auckland

Jayne and I have generated a huge following in New Zealand.  We go there 2 or 3 times per year and host private events for VIP clients.  This event was an intensive training program for 20 of our exclusive clients.

National Speakers Association of New Zealand Annual Convention, Auckland - Pre-convention Workshop

I was honoured to be asked to present one of the closing keynotes at the NSANZ annual convention (below).  When we were scheduling our trip, the association contacted us and asked us if we would provide a pre-convention workshop about "Expert Insights"

National Speakers Association of New Zealand Annual Convention, Auckland

This was such a fun event!  We delivered "The Three Circles of Speaking Energy" in which we invite volunteers to the stage and provide on-the-spot laser coaching while they speak.

People line up for this.  It's non-stop action, lots of laughing and amazing value.

Now, we have life-long friends in New Zealand...we love it there!

Asian Professional Speakers Association, Singapore

On the main stage at the APSAS annual convention in Singapore.  I spoke on the first day, Jayne spoke on the last day and as a result we have been able to open some great doors into Asia. Not to mention the friends we have made there.  We can't wait to go back!

Asian Professional Speakers Association High Income Earners Closed Workshop, Singapore

While we were in Singapore speaking at the convention, they asked me if I would deliver my session "The 7-Figure Keynote" for the high-income earners group.

It was amazing presenting and sharing my most valuable IP with these world-renowned professional speakers.

Private VIP Training Event, Fiji

This was a private, 2-day retreat for two of our highest-value clients.  We took them to a 5-star resort in Fiji where we spent two days in the boardroom working through their keynote messages (along with some pool time, of course)

Jayne and I built in some vacation time at the private club at this resort.

Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization Conference

I would never have thought that real estate investors would be a targeted audience for us.  Turns out I was wrong!  

This group was so welcoming and responsive and this event opened up a whole new client vertical for us.  One never knows where potential is hiding.

PPI Financial Solutions Fall Symposium for Insurance Brokers, Ottawa Canada

Financial planners have been a strong market for us over the past few years.  Being invited to speak at this event in our home town connected us with some heavy-hitters in the financial and insurance world. Many of them have become valuable clients and friends as a result.

National Speakers Association INFLUENCE 2019 convention, Denver

Speaking at INFLUENCE is one of the most coveted opportunities in the speaking world across the globe. What a privilege it was to be selected to provide a breakout session entitled "The Keynote that Sells - Driving Business from the Platform Without the Pitch".

It was so much fun...we had standing room only, a 100% 5-star rating, a substantial amount of new business and multiple new speaking opportunities as a result...every speakers dream gig!

North Carolina Chapter, National Speakers Association, Charlotte

After speaking at INFLUENCE in Denver, the North Carolina chapter of NSA invited us to present to their chapter.

They set the bar for a new level of hospitality.  They were so welcoming and warm.

The morning session was "The Three Circles of Speaking Energy".  During the afternoon session we presented "The Keynote that Sells: Driving Business from the Platform Without the Pitch."


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