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"That was a Masterclass in How to Give a Speech!"

Jack Canfield
Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles


As a trainer, breakout speaker or chapter meeting speaker Steve is unparalleled.  His content is rich, targeted, unique and relevant. 

Steve will provide exceptional value to your breakout.  He requires very little set up or technology; just a couple of flip charts  and a bar stool usually does the job.

Your attendees will leave not only educated, but they will be motivated and excited to implement Steve's unique and powerful concepts to help them build their businesses and improve their sales.

Steve's breakouts are positioned perfectly for sustained learning.  He combines lecture with exercises and lots of interactivity.

His content is targeted to thought-leaders, innovators and experts who monetize their complex idea or solution through the spoken word. 

Great audiences for Steve are entrepreneurs, sales teams, thought leaders and innovators who need find a more simple approach to presenting their product or service.  Steve will show them how to do exactly that by positioning themselves as being profoundly unique in their field simply by changing the way they speak or present.

All Content, No Sales Pitch!

Of course Steve has things to offer, but the most salesy thing he'll say is "If you want to know more about what we do, talk to Jayne"

Book Steve for your Next Chapter Meeting or Breakout Session

To book Steve, contact Jayne Lowell for scheduling and fees.

Steve speaks for free at all professional speaker association events and chapter meetings.  You just pay travel and accommodations.

Contact Jayne at [email protected]

"Best session in my entire NSA career"


"Seldom have I seen such value in 40 minutes"


"This was a game changer for me"


I used Steve's Keynote Template and got a large deal and 30 viable leads from my next keynote"


"I was hesitant at first, but I was blown away"!


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