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"That was a Masterclass in How to Give a Speech!"

Jack Canfield
Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles


As a trainer, breakout speaker or chapter meeting speaker Steve is unparalleled.  His content is rich, targeted, unique and relevant. 

Steve will provide exceptional value to your breakout.  He requires very little set up or technology; just a couple of flip charts  and a bar stool usually does the job.

Your attendees will leave not only educated, but they will be motivated and excited to implement Steve's unique and powerful concepts to help them build their businesses and improve their lives.

Steve's breakouts are positioned perfectly for sustained learning.  He combines lecture with exercises and lots of interactivity.

His content is targeted to experts who monetize their message through the spoken word. Specifically speakers at all levels, coaches, trainers, authors, professionals or experts in any field.

Great audiences for Steve are entrepreneurs who need to stand out and get noticed.  Steve will show them how to do exactly that by positioning themselves as being profoundly unique in their field simply by changing the way they speak or present.

All Content, No Sales Pitch!

Of course Steve has things to offer, but the most salesy thing he'll say is "If you want to know more about what we do, talk to Jayne"

Session Topics

Steve likes 45 - 60 minutes to deliver exceptional value, but he can easily extend any of these topics to 2 hours. His signature breakout sessions are:

The Keynote that Sells - Driving Business from the Platform Without the Pitch.

This is Steve's most requested breakout session at speaker conventions around the world.

A powerful process to strategically position your unique expertise, and tactically deliver your message to drive business directly from the platform. You’ll discover how to mine your expertise for the hidden, unique wisdom called your “expert insights.” You’ll learn a proven system to organize your keynote into a one-of-a-kind message that drives sales in a very specific way. Increase your sales from the front of the room without offers, hype, or any of the other high- pressure sales tactics that make you cringe. Let your message do the selling.

Technical Requirements: Two flip charts, fresh black markers

"Best session in my entire NSA career"


How to Go from Obscurity to Success, Influence, Impact and Prosperity

Discover the secrets to becoming "The One" in your field by changing the conversation the world has about you.

When you change the way you speak about yourself and your expertise, you train the world how to speak about you.  Instead of looking and sounding like everyone else who does what you do, you'll appear to be different, you'll stand out and you'll position yourself as the only logical choice.

All this all simply by understanding the nature of your reputation and taking control of the conversation in a very specific way. 

Stop competing for business and start having business come to you.

Technical Requirements: Two flip charts, fresh black markers

"Seldom have I seen such value in 40 minutes"


The Three Circles of Speaking Energy: High-Impact Speaking Techniques for Speakers

In this highly interactive and fast-paced session, Steve will share with you the nature of stage presence. He shares a unique model that he calls "The Three Circles of Speaking Energy" and shows you how to navigate and leverage the three circles to elevate your presence and your influence from the platform.

Steve will take volunteers to the platform and coach them in real time right there on the spot to draw from them magic they never even knew existed. Maybe YOU will be one of them!

After this session, you'll never look at a speaker the same way again. This session will ruin every conference you go to from now on!

Technical Requirements: Projector and screen, audio feed for video, extra headset mic for volunteers, stage hand to mic volunteers


"This was a game changer for me"


The High-Impact Keynote Template: Craft a Signature Message that Hits a Home Run Every Single Time!

Use Steve's proprietary system for crafting a high-impact keynote address.

This template will not only equip you to design the perfect keynote, but it will allow you to do it in a fraction of the time it normally takes to craft a great message.

This is a tool that you can use to prepare all of your keynotes from now on.

No matter of your keynote is 60 minutes or 2 minutes, this template will save you hours of time and elevate the strength of your message in a huge way!

Technical Requirements: One flip chart, fresh black markers.

I used Steve's Keynote Template and got a large deal and 30 viable leads from my next keynote"


Book Steve for your Next Chapter Meeting or Breakout Session

To book Steve, contact Jayne Lowell for scheduling and fees.

Steve speaks for free at all professional speaker association events and chapter meetings.  You just pay travel and accommodations.

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"I was hesitant at first, but I was blown away"!


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