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"A masterclass on presenting who you are and what you have to offer with authenticity, power and clarity."

Jack Canfield

Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

What's the Book About?

The premise of this book, “Deep Thought Strategy” is intriguing because it challenges conventional thought about business and personal development; advice given by many success coaches and motivational speakers who espouse the virtues of thinking big.

In this book Steve challenges this paradigm through his own experience over a lifetime of entrepreneurship, failed business pursuits and finally global success found through thinking deep.

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What Will I Learn?

Steve demonstrates how thinking big as a strategy fails for most people, and by thinking deeper before thinking bigger; deploying a deep thought strategy, one can expedite their journey to success without having to endure the inevitable failures that are so often associated with thinking big. All this happens by positioning yourself as the only logical choice within your circles.

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What's Unique About This Book?

Steve will introduce you to The Repumeter™; a tool that measures the state of your reputation. By changing your approach to your business and applying deeper thought, you can begin building your plan to stand out and get noticed. Throughout this book, Steve reveals why this is important and how to implement the knowledge and insights gained so our respective reputations and businesses evolve, grow and prosper, regardless of our industry or our field of expertise. The Repumeter™ prepares you for thinking bigger by first showing you how to think deeper.

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What Will This Book Do For Me?

As you work through this book and apply the principals, strategies and techniques to your own business, Steve urges you to jot down your own ideas as you read. Review them later, apply those that make sense for you and your business and you too will be able to enhance your reputation, grow your business, and finally enjoy the benefits of thinking big.

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