Meet the Legendary BRIAN TRACY

At The Entrepreneurs Wealth Summit, April 2 & 3, 2020, Ottawa



Jack Canfield Says...

"If you're thinking of working with Steve, RUN...don't walk! It will be an amazing experience, I promise you!"


Don't Just Speak...


Be Totally Unique

Discover the magic within you that only you possess, then take it to the stage and let it shine! You'll stand out, be unique and get noticed!

Be Transformational

Anyone can tell a story.  Why just tell your stories when you can make them come alive and transform the lives of others?

Be Amazing on Stage

Develop advanced, professional stagecraft so you can rock that stage every time! Become THE ONE that people remember!

Learn From the Best!

Steve's private mentorship program is widely known as the best in the world.  Steve's clients include award-winning professional speakers as well as professionals of all kinds who monetize their message through the spoken word

Over 50 Years on the Live Stage!

Not only is Steve a world-class mentor, he's also an award-winning professional speaker with global credentials.  He has literally been on the live stage since the age of 6, speaking and performing professionally since age 15.

Unique, One-of-A-Kind System Proven All Over the World

Steve's proprietary "Expert Insights" system stems from his trademarked "Repumeter" model. Speakers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs around the globe use his system to stand out, get chosen and sell more!


Steve's Been Busy

  • #1 International Best Seller "Deep Thought Strategy: How to go from OBSCURITY to Success, Influence, Impact and Wealth"
  • Vice-President of the Global Speakers Federation. Will serve as President in 2021
  • Past National President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
  • One of fewer than 5% of the world's professional speakers to hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation
  • 2017 Speaker of the Year Award, Professional Speakers Association of the United Kingdom (Scotland)


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+1 (514) 953-6317

Contact Jayne Lowell at


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